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Category: Airlines


What is the best time to book cheap flights online?

    What is the best time to book cheap flights online? The best time to book cheap flights is in the morning on Tuesdays – 57 CHF on average, for instance, if the destination is close. However, the same place can cost up to 69 euros on a Sunday. Is there the worst hour? Everyone […]

Airlines ,News

New flights connecting Switzerland

    Switzerland enjoys a great deal of popularity regarding the holiday island of Cyprus. Among Swiss bathing holiday guests, Cyprus ranks high. So read more about new flights connecting Switzerland with a few new destinations.  As a result of the excellent demand, Cyprus Airways has now begun connecting EuroAirport with Larnaca. Wednesdays and Fridays […]


Joint statement on new EU recommendations for travel from China

    As part of an agreement reached by EU member states, airlines represented by A4E (Airlines for Europe) and IATA (International Air Transport Association), along with airports represented by ACI Europe, are protesting the requirement that passengers travelling between China and the EU must test negative for COVID-19. Joint statement on new EU recommendations […]


Lufthansa Group is adjusting rebooking fees

      It can be costly to rebook existing flights from tomorrow, October 11 – not only have the existing fees been adjusted upwards in some cases, but fees are now also being charged in more ticket categories. Lufthansa Group is adjusting rebooking fees.  Lufthansa Group airlines ( Swiss, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Air […]


Seat change fees for Swiss and Lufthansa

    After June 21, there will no longer be a free choice of seats in Economy Light. Therefore, Swiss and Lufthansa will charge seat change fees. You must pay for the change of your seat if you are not happy with the one assigned. Swiss and Lufthansa customers might not be pleased with this […]


Lufthansa strike hits customers in Switzerland

    Due to a one-day strike by Lufthansa, Switzerland’s flag carrier SWISS has cancelled flights today. The strike is expected to cancel flights for around 1.000 SWISS passengers. Lufthansa strike hits customers in Switzerland. Lufthansa in Germany calls a one-day strike There will be a one-day strike by Lufthansa ground staff in Germany over […]


Europe’s top 10 airlines by flight cancellations

    Which are Europe’s top 10 airlines by flight cancellations? In response to the operational challenges faced by many European airlines, Mabrian has analysed data related to airline schedules over the last few weeks. Based on the number of flights scheduled on 14 June to operate between 1 and 15 July, compared to the […]


Piles of suitcases at the Zurich Airport

    Piles of suitcases at the Zurich Airport due to a staff shortage in Europe. Zurich Airport’s baggage reclaims area was overflowing with 750 pieces of luggage this week. Swissport, the international baggage handling company, used by most airlines, has blamed the backlog on flight cancellations and a shortage of workers. The company fears […]


Swiss cancelling more flights

    The buzzy news of this week is  Swiss cancelling more flights.  Due to bottlenecks in air traffic control, ground staff and airport service providers, Swiss has to cancel flights again. However, the proportion of cancelled flights is in the low single-digit percentage range. Swiss has to cancel flights again or leave them to […]

Airlines ,News

Millennials & Gen Z show interest in airlines’ ‘buy now, pay later’ programs

    Millennials & Gen Z show interest in airlines’ ‘buy now, pay later programs. It is possible that programs such as “Buy Now Pay Later” will play a vital role in the recovery of airlines that have adopted this payment method. This is because flexibility and economy are key factors influencing young travellers. GlobalData […]

Airlines ,Sustainability

SWISS – the world’s first airline to use solar fuel

    SWISS will become the world’s first airline to use solar fuel. A Swiss airline will become the first airline to use solar fuel synthesized by Synhelion. Aviation fuel can be produced from solar heat, making it a semi-renewable energy source. The sun’s energy can be used to make kerosene fuel In collaboration with […]


New Summer Edelweiss Destinations

    The Swiss holiday carrier Edelweiss now flies to two new destinations: Italy and Portugal. New Summer Edelweiss Destinations  This summer, Edelweiss is offering flights to two new holiday destinations. Italy and Portugal fans will be delighted. From June 3, 2022, Swiss Holiday Airlines will fly directly from Zurich to Pisa in Italy on […]